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The Pennsylvania “Triple Play”

The Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry implemented “The Pennsylvania Triple Play” to celebrate the NASF #CentennialChallenge. The Triple Play included implementing:

(1) 100 acres of streamside buffers and habitat improvement,
(2) 100 state forest timber sales (certified under SFI and FSC), and
(3) 100 green features in our state forests (solar panels, green building practices).

The results were stunning!

  • 18 riparian buffers were planted totaling 109.9 acres
  • 250 sustainable timber sales (shelterwood harvests) totaling 31,579 acres with 103,712 million board feet of saw timber and 111,367 hundred cubic feet of pulp wood
  • The Bureau of Forestry has 8 LEED certified buildings
  • Using solar energy to save more than $100,000 per year in electricity costs
    • Reduced CO₂ emissions by 635 tons/year or 1.27 million pounds/year (average car emits 4.6 tons, or 9,200 pounds, per year)
    • Reduced grid energy consumption by more than 910,000kWh/year (average American home uses 10,812 kWh per year)
    • Have two state parks, three state forest district office complexes and five facilities at net-zero energy consumption
  • Green transportation choices
    • DCNR is analyzing its entire fleet and developing pilot projects to deploy electric vehicles and charging stations in locations most suitable.
      • There are 2 electric vehicles and 9 hybrid vehicles within the BOF fleet
      • There are currently 8 charging stations on 3 State Forests.
      • 3 more charging stations are planned for the coming year.
      • There are plans to enhance the visitor experience at our facilities by identifying opportunities to implement vehicle charging stations for public use.

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  • Date: Jan 1, 2020 – Sep 1, 2021