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100 Fascinating People, Places and Facts

The Oregon Department of Forestry’s NASF #CentennialChallenge theme is Oregon Forestry: 100 Fascinating People, Places and Facts. The goal for this project is to engage Oregonians in a fun and informative way that encourages them to learn more about the diverse array of people, places, and historical events that define forestry in Oregon.

One person, place, or fact will be revealed each weekday for 20 weeks starting in mid-April 2020, and will fall into one of these five categories: Forest History, People in Forestry, Places to Visit, Forest Facts, or Forestry Fun for Kids. ODF will be asking people to share photos of their visits to highlighted locations around the state, in addition to posting its own photos, videos, and additional information on each of the 100 items so those without the physical or financial means to travel can still learn and explore.