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100 Forest Cleanups in 100 Days

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Forest Resources Division planned to conduct “100 Forest Cleanups in 100 Days” for its NASF #CentennialChallenge.

The Adopt-a-Forest Program, run by the the Michigan Coalition for Clean Forests (made up of several state and federal agency and members including Michigan DNR) utilizes education, law enforcement, volunteer clean-up crews, and improved recycling and disposal options to prevent illegal dumping of trash in Michigan forests.

There are at least 650 illegal public land dumpsites (marked in red in the map at right) across Michigan. The Michigan DNR will conduct a campaign to clean up at least 100 of those sites during June, July, and August 2020 in celebration of NASF’s 100th anniversary. Click here to learn more about the Adopt-a-Forest program.

Despite the many obstacles of 2020 our 100 cleanups in 100 days campaign was a huge success. Our final total was 151 sites cleaned! Over 100 volunteers participated, spent 400+ hours in the field and removed a total of 459.5 cu yd of waste on public land from 29 different counties. Thank you everyone for all the help spreading the word and mobilizing volunteers!

For more information on the program and how to get involved, click this link:  Volunteers clean up 100 trash sites in 100 days (arcgis.com)

                                                                                                      Volunteers at a cleanup day




  • Address: Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conor Haenni 2122 South M-37 Traverse City, MI 4968552 United States
  • Phone: 231-922-6048
  • Website: www.cleanforests.org