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Guam Forestry and Soil Resources Division plans multiple 100-themed projects

Guam will celebrate the NASF #CentennialChallenge with several 100-themed events and initiatives!

  • 100 points of forestry interest. The Guam Forestry and Soil Resources Division has created a scavenger hunt for 100 “forestry points of interest” around the state and has challenged the public to track their search (and findings!) by posting photos to social media.
  • 100 social media posts. Throughout 2020, the division will post 100 times to its Facebook and Twitter feeds with the hashtags #CentennialChallenge and #NASF100
  • 100 posts to the Division of Forestry ‘s external news site. The Guam DNR will “tweet out” each of these posts too!
  • 100 fruiting trees. The division plans to plant 100 native fruiting tree species within a priority watershed on Guam to prevent erosion while promoting agroforestry and water quality.
  • 100 feet of jute material. The division will install 100 feet of jute material to reduce erosion and sediment loss within priority watersheds.
  • 100 urban trees. The division will plant 100 native trees in Guam’s urban communities.

The division also plans on (1) participating in a 2020 forestry-themed science fair by promoting 100 innovative ideas for enhancing local forestry practices, (2) holding a partners’ workshop on how to manage the 100 driest days during the dry/fire season, and (3) organizing a unified 100-tree planting event on behalf of the Pacific Islands Forestry Committee.


  • Date: Jun 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2021